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Artists Guide 

Artists Guide to the Galaxy is metaphor bringing to light the new creative flow of ideas and expressions; natures creative forces. 

Artist Kenhappen's Phantom of the Digital Arts has been around for along time exploring mystical worlds of digital art. Kenhappen's goal is to open viewers imagination to a new and unique universe, full of vivid colors and wonderful visions of mystical worlds. 

Phantom of The Arts Brings the Universal Spirit of Light

The flow of natures energy in the Artist’s digital art is an aid to meditation and spiritual enhancement.
Influenced by everyday lifestyle and world news is being out of tune with the higher self. So lets look at Phantom of the Digital Arts; a gallery full of creative images showing insight to reach past the surface mind to the source of natures creative and spiritual rhythm.


Wow, yes, I see what you mean about artists images showing the source of natures rhythm and going beyond the web of everyday thinking.


Hello my name is Kenneth Gould

As an ancient Architect and Sculptor, Kenhappen Phantom of the Digital Arts evolved through the ages of mythology and art to win a Tiffany international award for Sculpture. He remained underground during recent times, where he transformed his creative energy by using cyber art software and astral mechanics to develop visionary digital art.

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